Counselling and Therapy

A general counselling and therapeutic service is offered by Bruce Stocks for individuals, couples, and organizations.

Whether with an individual or couple, Bruce begins by making sure he understands what your concerns are and what outcomes you are wanting. He then works with the individual or couple to develop a plan for counselling and therapy. After solutions are found, the individual or couple is supported in the journey of achieving their goals.

Organizations may like to contract Bruce to provide counselling and therapy to their staff or customers.

Common life issues often brought to counselling and therapy sessions include:
anger management
broken relationships or divorce
childhood emotional wounds
couple problems
faith and spirituality dilemmas and growth
grief and loss
life changes
living with/caring for someone with dementia
living with acute or chronic illness
loss of employment
men and relationships/parenting/work life balance
midlife changes
parenting children and adolescents
preparing for death
relationships between parents and adult children
relationships between siblings
retirement adjustment
sleep disorders
trauma (acute and post-traumatic stress)
veterans/police/emergency workers & their families living with trauma
vocational directions
work relationships
work/life balance

In addition, common couple issues may include:
communication difficulties
couple relationships
financial issues
internet relationships
parenting issues
pornography and the internet
relationship enhancement
sexual concerns

Biologically and psychologically based mental health issues may also include:
addictions (smoking, alcohol, gambling, sexual)
bi-polar disorder
obsessive-compulsive disorder
post natal depression
personality disorders
sexual issues
trauma (acute and post-traumatic stress)

Feel free to contact Bruce Stocks to discuss your needs and possible treatment paths.


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