Hypnotherapy involves hypnosis being used in a gentle positive way to use the mind’s power to address problems.

As part of the therapy, hypnosis is used to place the patient in a wonderful feeling of calmness and relaxation whilst still being alert. This means that the subconscious mind is open to positive suggestions to changes in the way a person senses, perceives, feels, thinks and acts. Bruce then uses hypnotherapy, including suggestion or analytical techniques, to help resolve cognitive, emotional and behavioural issues that may be having a negative effect on your life. Thus hypnotherapy assists the person to develop new thought pathways in their brain to find ways to resolve their issues, and their symptoms improve as a result.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful in dealing with issues such as:
addictions (smoking, alcohol, gambling, pornography)
bed wetting
chronic pain
eating disorders
fears and phobias
hair pulling
lack of confidence
low self esteem
nail biting
obsessions (OCD)
pain management
panic attacks
post-traumatic stress
self harm
sexual dysfunctions
social anxiety (fear of being “on the spot”)
stuttering and stammering

Bruce develops a targeted hypnotherapy approach to the needs of each person. He also provides each person with a recording of their positive hypnosis intervention so that it can be repeated to reinforce the therapy session.

Bruce has been trained, and is accredited with The Australian Society of Hypnosis

Feel free to contact Bruce to discuss your needs and possible treatment pathways.


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